The problem was known even before the Corona crisis, but because of Covid-19, it took on a new dimension. While only a few months back, we were still allowed to go outside, now the motto is: Stay home. Stay safe. But home, where we’re supposed to feel safe, is also the place, where domestic violence awaits many women. Our cross-media campaign places this issue unmistakable in the middle of society and starts a discussion. Beyond our lead mandate for concept and campaign, we initiated an exciting collaboration with many stakeholders from film, media as well as industry and commerce.

Sicherheim Poster
Sicherheim Poster
Sicherheim Website
Sicherheim Poster

Henkel / Innovation-Campaign

Henkel Innovation-Campaign

Bigger. Better. Brighter.

Clean strategy comes together with visual extravaganza – in campaigns that run 30°, 60° and 360° degrees.

Alpenhain / Print / TV-Sponsorship

Alpenhain Print / TV-Sponsorship

Aufbrezeln! (spruce up!)

The country’s favorite traditional spread turned 25.
To mark the occasion, we spruced up the brand’s communication across channels.

BVG / PR Stunt

BVG PR-Stunt

Ride us
every day

1 million people celebrated Gay Pride. And the BVG.
With help from our BVG truck.



For people with

The BVG has a sense of humor – even when it comes to recruiting. We show Berlin that the best jobs can be found on the streets.

Bord Bia / Content-Campaigning

Bordbia Activation Campaign

It doesn't get fresher.

The steaks were high, but we delivered perfection: Whether it was on billboard, digital or at an exhibition stand, this 360° activation campaign for Irish Beef was savored all over Germany.