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The BVG Underground Rainbow

Guerilla Action

Working with the artist collective Tape That, we sent out a huge signal in support of diversity and tolerance with the world’s longest underground rainbow.

The message is love. From June (International Pride Month) until the official Berlin Pride, we added a splash of colour to the Berlin metro. We headed underground with Tape That and countless rolls of coloured tape to give Alexanderplatz metro station a rainbow makeover. Yellow on the outside, all the colours of the rainbow on the inside: BVG, Berlin’s public transport operator, has been actively promoting diversity and tackling homophobia for years. With this campaign, it once again took a clear – and colourful – stand.

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BVG Maskenmuffel 3840x2160px teaser

Our mask-have for BVG

In Berlin it’s mandatory to wear face coverings on public transport. But is there a less serious, more humorous way to communicate that message? Our ad for all the anti-maskers out there shows that yes, there is.
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