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A real warm welcome to Commerz Real


We have a new client and it’s a real pleasure to have them on board. We’ll be working on a brand purpose and developing a clear positioning – the whole shebang. Transformation mode on!

When we work on a project, we’d rather get it right than rush to get it done fast. So with Commerz Real, we’re taking a slow, methodical, strategically focused approach. We’ve held a series of brand workshops to clearly define and position the corporate brand. The current stage is to devise a communication strategy based around a central creative idea. The next stage will then be to develop a strong employer brand, which will serve as the basis for a recruitment campaign.

What's next?

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Winning messages

There’s nothing we enjoy more than doing what we do best: creating great content and campaigns. And if we rack up the odd award for it, all the better.
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