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Our bestimonials: PayPal Stories


Authentic content, created by us:
for PayPal, we produce testimonial
videos known as PayPal Stories.

Countless success stories out there in the big wide world were written with the help of PayPal. High time to tell some of them. We profile small business owners and get them to explain on camera how PayPal helped their business.

Our video series has become a content hit, thanks in part to the fascinating selection of testimonials. They include profiles of an ice cream maker, a toymaking workshop, a vegan restaurant and a kitchen store. The series is ongoing and we’re already looking forward to the next episode.

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Quality wooden
kids’ toys:

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Café Mana.

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For kitchens
full of love:

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What's next?

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PayPal. Scan. Pay. Go.

Thanks to PayPal QR codes, contactless payment has taken off big time in Berlin. We took the promo campaign for the codes to the streets.
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