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Can you hear the future?

Anniversary campaign

Our new client hausInvest is turning 50. So we came up with a fitting campaign to mark this major milestone. Featuring not a traditional chorus of Happy Birthday, but the rousing tunes of the future.

There’s so much to celebrate right now. Last year, we successfully pitched for the hausInvest account. And this year, we’re unveiling our first creative project for our new client: a campaign celebrating the open-ended property fund’s 50th anniversary. It kicks off with a lavishly produced 60-second ad that will make you feel like a first-hand witness to the future being born – symbolised by a unique musical collaboration. Produced by Markenfilm and directed by Marten Persiel, the ad was shot on the 44th floor of Frankfurt’s Omniturm skyscraper. And satisfaction with the results was sky-high too.

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The ad kicks off our big ‘Music of the future’ campaign, with lots more yet to come.

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