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The journey continues


A successful pitch! Keep it up! We will continue to be responsible for the strategic communication of BVG’s corporate and employer brand. This is very close to our hearts!

Our hearts are yellow – and staying that way. We successfully pitched to retain the account for BVG, Berlin’s main public transport operator, and so we’ll be continuing to manage strategic comms for their corporate and employer brands. It’s a match made in heaven and we can’t wait to get back to work!

We first became lead agency for BVG’s corporate comms four years ago. And we’ve now managed to defend that title in the face of fierce competition. So here’s to another three years! We look forward to working with some familiar faces on brand-new goals and more projects with heart.

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What's next?

BVG Maskenmuffel 3840x2160px teaser

Our mask-have for BVG

In Berlin it’s mandatory to wear face coverings on public transport. But is there a less serious, more humorous way to communicate that message? Our ad for all the anti-maskers out there shows that yes, there is.
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DB Web BVG Underground Rainbow Film Teaser 1920x1080

BVG Underground Rainbow

Working with the artist collective Tape That, we sent out a huge signal in support of diversity and tolerance with the world’s longest underground rainbow.
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